Top 5 Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android in 2022

Top 5 Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android in 2022

Finding the best spy app for Android is not an easy task. There are a lot of spyware on the market that users can get confused easily as to which one can suit their needs. Some apps are easy to set up, while others cost too much. That’s why create this guide to help you make the right decision.

Why do you need to spy on cell phone?

Kids are easily targeted by cyberbullies and tend to share information online. To protect kids from falling prey to online crimes, it’s important for parents to find a way to track online activities and ease this concern. Another reason that make you want to spy on someone’s cell phone is to catch a cheating partner. Aside from this, cell phone monitoring is a handy solution for business owners who wish to track their remote employees. It will help them know that their employees are not wasting the working hours and are not sharing confidential information with rivals.

List of best phone spy apps for Android in 2022

Phone spy apps are well-designed to help track the online activity of another smartphone. They are featured in a way that collects the respective device information that sounds sensible. By taking the assistance of spy app, you can quickly get into someone’s cell phone without the need for a password. Before you start monitoring, it’s better to negotiate with your loved ones. You also need to make sure that you’re in line with any local laws about spying. Then check out our list of the best spy apps for Androiod.

Chamspy Pro

Chamspy Pro is the best Android spy app that gives you a clear picture of the user’s digital world. What makes it differentiate from others on the market is its ease of use and performance. With the help of Chamspy Pro, you’ll be able to track GPS location, record live phone calls, detect SIM card change, read text messages, monitor social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and much more. It runs in the background and the target user will not notice its presence. Simply install Chamspy Pro on target device and you’ll have advanced spying metrics at your fingertips.

cell phone spy apps-Chamspy pro


  • No root required for social media monitoring
  • Stay hidden on target device
  • Wide set of advanced features
  • Support several devices
  • Free trial


  • No web history feature


mSpy is one of the most popular spy apps for Android. It comes with a wide range of features and contains capabilities like GPS tracking, call logs monitoring, multimedia file monitoring and social media spy such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. One-time access to target phone is needed and once the spy app is installed, you can remotely track the online activity on your online account.

mspy tracking app


  • No root needed for spying Snapchat
  • Work in stealth mode
  • Monitor screen time


  • Higher Price
  • No phone call recording feature
  • Each license for one device


Another powerful monitoring software on the list is XNSPY. It can be a great surveillance tool to keep an eye on your children and employees. It’s packed with over 30 advanced features that enable you to track the phone’s GPS location, monitor incoming and outgoing calls, read text messages in real-time and see all the activities taking place over the popular messaing apps.

XNSPY spy app


  • Wide range of basic and advanced monitoring features
  • Intuitive online dashboard


  • Advanced features require rooting
  • Expensive monthly package


Spyera is a feature-rich cell phone tracker that enables spying for both PCs and smartphones. It offers a plethora of features, including the ability to spy on text messages, record live phone calls and monitor messaing apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. This tool can hide itself from basically everywhere and can be used across mutiple platforms inrespective of the operating system.

spyera-mobile phone tracking app


  • Easy to set up
  • Undetectable program
  • View web history


  • Mediocre support
  • Lacks a few more advanced spying features


The last one on our list is Hoverwatch. This hidden mobile tracker is capable of tracking location, SMS, call logs, instant messaging apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. You also can know what your children are searching for in their browsers and which websites they are visiting. It works in stealth mode and becomes invisible to the target user. You can remotely track someone’s cell phone, without interfering his/her phone activities.

hoverwatch-mobile phone spy app


  • Easy to use and clear interface
  • Offer powerful features
  • Free trial


  • Advanced features require rooting
  • Undesired support

Are spy apps legal?

The question of spy app being legal or not is a tricky one. Because there are ways to use the app illegally. It’s absolutely legal to use spy app if your underage child is the focus of tracking. Parents want to keep an eye on their online activities and ensure their safety. When it comes to adults, it’s better to inform the target person of the presence of the application. If you do not inform the target of monitoring software’s presence on their phone, then using the app to track their phone would be illegal.

Final thoughts

Cell phone spy apps come in handy especially when parents want to protect their children from potential online risks, as well as business owners want to protect their company interests. If you have legitimate reasons to use spy app, we recommend you try Chamspy Pro or mSpy for an advanced and affordable spying experience. Create your free account and safeguard your child’s digital life!

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