What Is Geofencing and Its Benefits

What Is Geofencing and Its Benefits

You might have heard of the term “geofencing” somehow. If you don’t, it’s most likely that you have used it in some places already in your daily life and without notice! Just as the name indicates, you may have thought that geofencing includes something that is a fence or boundary on a map. Well, you are almost close to the answer!

This article will discuss everything you need to know about geofencing, covering its basic definition, how it works, and how it can be used. Keep on scrolling if you want to learn more about this new thing.

What Is Geofencing?

Let’s start with the question of what is geofencing first. In fact, geofencing is the ability to build an invisible fence or imaginary boundary in the form of a map. As long as you have set the boundary, you are then able to get alerts to notify you when a mobile device moves out of the boundary. Backed by powerful GPS technology, RFID (radio frequency identification), Wi-Fi, cellular network, and geofencing are capable of calculating the location of a mobile device.

How Does Geofencing work?

As you have already known, geofencing is widely used in advanced location-based services to determine the location of a device being tracked. For this to work, the geofencing app users need to set up the boundary first, namely, the geographical fence. The geofencing tracking app accesses the location data of the tracked device in real-time. In most cases, the location data display in the form of latitude and longitude from a GPS-enabled device. Then, the location data will be compared with the boundary defined by geofencing and deliver trigger events within the boundary.


How Is Geofencing Used?

  1. Notify you when your child leaves home or school.
  2. Set an unlimited number of safe and forbidden zones for your underage kids
  3. Receive geofence alert about each entrance and exit of your loved ones
  4. Monitor when and where each zone is visited by your teens
  5. Combine with smart home systems to control tech applications in your home.

Geofencing and Location Tracking

On most occasions, a geofencing app can help to track a mobile device–be it a smartphone, computer, or even a watch.

1. Live Monitoring

Geofencing was first adopted in the livestock industry. With the help of the geofencing app when the cattle left an area defined by the geofence, the farmer will receive an alert that the herd has moved out the boundary as soon as possible. In addition to the geofence alert, it’s also used to monitor the farm animals’ movements and patterns in real-time.

2. Driver Monitoring

A geofencing app comes in handy when parents want to keep tabs on teens’ drives. A teen driver monitoring system allows you to set areas where your teen can and can not drive within a certain boundary. Besides, some of the systems allow you to make a schedule in advance. For example, you can let your child drive to the party on weekends instead of during school days. However, most of these apps need to take time to install on the driver’s smartphone. If you are looking for a geofencing app for iPhone, Chamspy Pro can help you have the job done! With this app, you can stay updated about the real-time driving activity from your child’s device.

geofencing app-Chamspy pro

3. Find Your Kids

Similar to livestock monitoring, the geofencing app also works on GPS-enabled services to monitor kids’ location. For example, Chamspy pro can not only work as a geofencing app but also as a gps location tracker. When your kids leave beyond the virtual boundary you have set, or go to some age-inappropriate places like a bar, cybercafe, or nightclub, you will soon be alerted. It assists you in keeping your loved ones out of trouble and ensuring their safety all day long.

4. Trucking Services

Some fleet managers are taking advantage of geofencing to create routes for their longhorn truck drivers. Once a truck runs outside of the route defined by geofence, the geofencing app triggers and a notification will be sent to the fleet manager or the driver, letting them know that they are driving off the track. Apparently, it works as a security tool to protect a trucking fleet from an incident while driving.

The Takeaways

As you know by now, with a little bit of creativity, geofencing can go a long way. It’s an effective way to reach everything you care about. In this high-teach and fast peace world, geofencing makes our life easier for family, study, business, and more with its powerful features inside. It is the best solution for creating a close link between the digital world and the real world for every human being.

For more geofencing information, please feel free to contact us or hit a comment below. As always, we are happy to hear from your different voices! Or if you want to try the best geofencing app, you can also signup for the Chamspy pro in our website.

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