How Can You Detect Someone Is Tracking Your Cell Phone?

How Can You Detect Someone Is Tracking Your Cell Phone?

Mobile phone is such a fascinating creation for it has relieved unease of people by tracking phone location, recorded your cherish memory by taking photos, stored our personal information while we are using social platforms for communication. Tracking phone location might sound harmless, but it will reveal where you live, where you go frequently in a secret way. Mobile phone also opens up an avenue for hackers and snoopers to spy on your cell phone, keeping prying eyes on the activities on your cell phone. They might then sell your personal information for profits. However, you might even notice nothing about it for the hacker who might activate the stealth mode of spy software. To protect your private information, it is necessary to master the signs of being detected by someone. If you are suspecting that you are being tracked by someone, just browse the passage and confirm your suspicions.

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Is someone is spying on my phone?

As spy phone app has made it cheaper and easier for someone to spy on your cell phone, it can be a bit knotty. However, there are a few red flags you can pay more attention to. Let’s look at them and next time when you have slightest notion that someone is spying on your phone, you can detect the tracking at the maximum speed and block future dangers.

Sign 1:  Faster battery drain and poorer battery health

When the phone is activating an app (for example, when you are playing mobile games), the battery runs out quicker than usual. When someone is tracking your phone, a spy phone app must operate in the background without your notice. Additionally, a tracker will be constantly sending data to the hacker (or the person who tracks you), which makes your phone consume more battery than normal. You can check the battery usage on your device:

  1. Enter “Setting” section
  2. Tap on “Battery”
  3. Tap on “Battery Usage”
  4. You will be able to check a list of apps and the percentage of battery usage
  5. Browse the list and see whether there are some weird apps. (Note: If you have recognized some unknown app, you can search it on the Internet. It might possibly a spy software)

check battery usage

check battery power

At the same time, a spy phone app must run your GPS, spy on your social media platforms and do many other things, which might do harm to battery health. The means your battery will deplete quickly and the battery health will drop and have a bad performance. Although the battery health will be poor along with your usage of cell phone. However, you should know that a sudden drop in battery life is not typical and normal. Therefore, you can check the battery health on your cell phone as well (Take iPhone as an example)

  1. Head to “Setting” app
  2. Tab on ” Battery”
  3. Click in ‘Battery Health”
  4. Then you will see the “Maximum Capacity” of your cell phone

battery healthy

You can also find the same feature on in the “Battery” section on some Android phone. But you should also note that it is not available to all brands. Xiaomi and Oppo don’t have this feature. The battery status might not determine whether our cell phone has a spy software to run, but it can be one of the evidence the back up your assumption.

 Sign 2: Your cell phone might get overheated

When a tracking app is operating in the background, it is also making your phone work harder and subsequently put out more heat on your cell phone. Hence, if you feel that your cell phone has getting too hot even you don’t use it, it might indicate that you have been an victim of a spy software.

Sign 3: Your rising monthly mobile data usage

As we have mentioned your cell phone keeps sending data to someone who tracks you, therefore, it needs data and plenty of it. Therefore, you can check your monthly mobile data usage to settle your unease. If you have found that your mobile data is rising suddenly or you are using more data than normal, you should consider changing a data subscription plan which sets a limitation on your data usage. It prevents the situation being worse.

How to check your data usage on Android phone:

  1. Open “Setting” section
  2. Click into ” Data usage” (Select the SIM card you want to check if your use dual SIM cards)
  3. Now, you can get a complete list of data usage of all your app. See whether there is something unnormal on your data usage

mobile data usage

How to check data usage on Apple device:

  1. Enter “Setting” section
  2. Click on “Cellular”
  3. Stroll down and you can view the app data usage and you can see whether there is a spy phone app on your mobile device

check data usage

Sign 4: Performance issues

The performance issue might be an indicator of a spy phone app installation on your cell phone. As the tracking app might take up a large proportion of your cell phone, it might lead to a series of problems. For example, your cell phone might take a long time to shut down with the app working in the background. Your phone might shut down slowly with a spy app is on process. Of course, sometimes too much app activation and overuse of cell phone might account for the performance issues of your phone, but it can still be one of the signs of being tracked by someone.

Sign 5: Hear some noise

If you hear some background noises on your phone such as clicking sounds or other strange sounds, it might be a red flag that someone is spying on your cell phone via a spy software. Though the vast majority of tracking apps are evolving and it is becoming more and more undetectable without noise, it is still something that is worth looking out for.

hear some noise

 Sign 6: Jailbreaking for iPhone and rooting for Android

Some tracker apps require a jailbreaking on iPhone or rooting on Android, so you can check for you enabled jailbreaking and rooting. Therefore, hackers or ill-proposed people will try our all methods to break the protection of your cell phone and install the app on your cell phone. With the jailbreaking and rooting, hackers can get access to the valuable data via spy apps on your cell phone without any barriers.

What should you do if a spy software is monitoring your cell phone?

The quickest way for you to tackle the problem is to uninstall all the apps you don’t recognize so that they won’t work on your cell phone any more. Another way you can choose to do is to reboot your phone. Tracking apps rely on cell phone which are switched on for a long time. Therefore, you can restart your cell phone and they will be unable to track your cell phone. If you want ensure 100% security, you can download and install some reliable spyware removal apps. These apps help your remove the suspicious softwares. Also, you can turn off the location sharing, and then no one will know about your exact location. A more specific guide for you to do:

  1. Avoid rooting phones and unofficial app downloads
  2. Wipe the phone
  3. Seek the protection of an antivirus app
  4. Turn off the location service on your cell phone

Final thoughts:

As the spy software is becoming invisible and harder and harder for us to detect, it is important and necessary for you to store the post and protect the data security on your cell phone. If you have any good ideas, you can just leave your comments below! We welcome your sharing with us!

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