How To View Someone’s SMS Messages Without Touching His Phone?

How To View Someone’s SMS Messages Without Touching His Phone?

SMS messages remain one of the prime communication ways in the modern era. Similar to other messaging platforms, text messages can also contain scams, elicit messages, and so on. We used to grab the cell phone of others for viewing their SMS messages. However, it might be more difficult for us to carry out, for most people set a complicated password on their cell phones. Don’t fret. Modern technology has given you easy insight into one’s sms text messages without getting his cell phone. This post will be a specific guideline for you!


Is it possible for you to view one’s SMS messages without the target phone?

Getting access to someone’s cell phone for checking SMS messages has been obsolete. Now, we have advanced SMS trackers to view one’s SMS messages discreetly and remotely. SMS spy apps are programs used for accessing one’s SMS messages. These apps can allow individuals to see sent and received messages and encode details on one’s cell phone. The common process can start with the installation of the mobile application on the target phone. Then, you will be able to start monitoring your dashboard at any time and anywhere. You might find similar features on the Internet, but some of them are scams.

Therefore, to save your time and energy, the following is a handpicked list of top SMS tracker apps. To help you make the right option, we will list the pros and cons for you as well.

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Best 4 SMS trackers without target phone in 2022

Seeing one’s text messages can be a piece of cake with the assistance of SMS trackers. Here we will list some high-ranking trackers for you!

Top 1: Chamspy Pro

As one of the contenders for parental control software, Chamspy Pro provides top-notch services, for it can be an easy and safe approach for you to keep track of one’s text messages. With the assistance of Chamspy Pro, you will be able to track real-time GPS location, record all call logs, detect SIM card changes, spy on text messages as well as monitor social media platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on. Simply click into Chamspy Pro, and you will enjoy the advanced spy features at your fingertips. What’s more, you won’t be under pressure of exposing your identity to your target with the stealth mode on. Following features will come with this SMS spy app:

  1. Read sent and received text messages
  2. Get access to deleted SMS chats
  3. Block unwanted apps
  4. Monitor shared files like images
  5. View the date and timestamps of the messages

sms tracker - Chamspy pro


  1. No requirement for rooting or jailbreaking
  2. Monitor one’s online activities undetectably
  3. Be packed with fancy features
  4. Support both Android and iOS
  5. A trial period and reasonable subscription plan
  6. Data will be encrypted.


  1. No access to web history
  2. Only one set of billing plan

phone tracking app - Chamspy pro

Top 2:Umobix

Umobix can be one of the greatest family locators, which dispels your anxiety and unease about one’s online activities on his cell phone. This cell tracker can fulfill your basic demands of spying on one’s online activities on his mobile device including tracking SMS messages. One of the best features is that you will be able to enable the geofence feature, which notifies you instantly when your target leaves the safe areas.


  1. Not only can you track real-time GPS location, but also you can get geofence enabled
  2. Support different operating system
  3. A free trial


  1. No stealth mode
  2. Restricted tracking features on the basic tier plan
  3. One subscription plan is available on just one device
  4. Data won’t be under encryption.

cell tracker - SPY24

Top 3: mSpy

If asked about the most reliable cell phone spy apps, most of you must talk about mSpy. mSpy is an SMS tracker app that can help you track down every click on a cell phone without any hassle. Apart from monitoring functions, mSpy launches a keylogger feature to record all tabs on the target cell phone. Therefore, all barricades hindering your tracking SMS messages will disappear with the help of mSpy.


  1. Work in a discreet way
  2. Monitor screen time
  3. Full of advanced features
  4. A free trial
  5. Work on Android and iOS


  1. Advanced features need rooting
  2. No phone call monitoring
  3. More phones you track, the more costly for you

sms tracker app - mSpy

Top 4: Flexispy

Flexispy can be one of the most powerful monitoring software to monitor computers, mobile cell phones, and tablets. Flexispy enables you to track SMS messages on the target phone. What’s more, you can uninstall or inactivate the service of the mobile application on Flexispy. The tool also proffers you diverse package plans including Lite, Premium, and Extreme. You can choose the plan at your will.


  1. Uninstall the application from the target phone remotely
  2. Offer SMS tracking feature
  3. Send remote commands from the web to the target device


  1. Need rooting and jailbreaking on the target phone
  2. Money-consuming for you to choose a subscription plan

sms tracker -FLEXISPY

Final words:

Never struggle with viewing one’s SMS messages without touching his cell phone with this post. If you are looking for more about cell phone tracking, just follow our channel, and we welcome your comments below!

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