How To Protect Our Kids Online During COVID-19?

How To Protect Our Kids Online During COVID-19?

Our kids have a much easier access to the Internet, the emergence of epidemic even increases their time spent online. Surfing online, chatting with their friends encourage their life to continue. At the same time, more time spent online represent more dangers and threats. Many instances can be presented in front of us. For example, harmful contents and websites inciting suicide, sex, misinformation possibly attack our kids, causing mental harm on our underage kids.  According to the report released by the World Health Organization, the outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly exacerbated the risks that people encounter online, especially for young generation whose self-protection awareness is relatively weak. The number of cyber crime has sharply increased during the pandemic. It is pressing for us to tackle the knotty issue —How to protect our kids from becoming the victims of cyber crime during COVID-19. Here comes a guideline for us. Let’s explore more in this post!


Strategy 1: Stay With Our Kids and Go Online With Them

COVID-19 has made telecommuting a reality, allowing us to have more time staying and communicating with our kids. We can explore the websites. apps, games with our kids, which can also tie us more tightly during this special period. Apart from narrowing the distance between each other, we can also impart the basic knowledge pertaining to self-protection online. We can instruct our kids to report or block the inappropriate websites, which nip dangers in the bud. We might witness many news concerning the increasing family conflicts with more time parents staying at home with kids, but we ought to consider it a cherish opportunity for us to know more about our kids. Just grasp this chance to stay with kids and have conversations, protecting kids online.

stay with kids

Strategy 2: Keep You Kids Safe With Open Communication

A long stay at home is actually a great moment for us to create or strengthen the trusting and open relationship and communication with your kids through support and encouragement. We can express our comprehension to our kids, telling them if they find anything uncomfortable or annoying content online, they can be not afraid of telling us. We will definitively give them the proper guidance rather than preaching and blaming. When we are talking with our little kids, please remember that every kid is unique to us and we should adopt communication tricks to help kids open up to us. An equal and trusting relationship is a great lubricant for our family life.

spend more time with your kids

Strategy 3: Set A Great Example And Nurture Safe Online Habits

As the old saying goes, parents are beyond question the first teachers of their children. The power of a great example is self-evident and has a profound influence on kids’ further growth and development. While going online, we should first nurture our own healthy online habits. For example, we should safeguard our personal information with self-protection awareness, especially when we are faced with strangers. We should guide our kids spot the disturbing websites. In daily family communication, we can also involve your kids or teens about device healthy use. To sum up, the guidance of family has a large, yet unrecognized effect on kids’ online behaviors. Therefore, we ought to set a great example and nurture safe online habits.

Strategy 4: Tech Fixes To Protect Our Kids

In modern era, we can tap into tech fixes to protect our kids online. A phone tracker can help us protect our kids in a round way online. Phone tracker refers to mobile app that allow parents to monitor what their kids do online and set a limit on suitable content, helping us to keep tabs on kids’ online activities. Chamspy Pro is one of the representatives of the parental control tools. Chamspy Pro combines all features you need in one stop to make sure you loved ones are safe online and offline. Let’s have a look at the key highlights:

  • Precise location tracking and geofencing alert
  • Manage incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Track text messages
  • Monitor and filter websites as well as block in-App purchases
  • Restrict screen time

phone tracker

More other features and easy way to activate the tracking app can be viewed through With the full range of features of the apps, there is no doubt that Chamspy Pro can protect your kids online during COVID-19 without letting kids’ knowledge. With a trusting relationship built with your children, you are ensured to keep them growing healthily online and offline.

Wrapping up:

The outbreak of epidemic dramatically changes our working life, posing challenges to our family life as well. We are more in need to find a perfect way to safeguard kids’ online safety than ever before. The post here lists 4 strategies to help us protect kids online. Whatever you choose, please keep in mind that we should build a communication bridge and form a trusting relationship  with our children, which is the foundation of the family. Only with solid and equal family relationship can we truly guard our kids!

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