Tips You Should Know To Stay Online Safety Of Seniors

Tips You Should Know To Stay Online Safety Of Seniors

Modern people are dependent on the Internet, spending their spare time surfing online. However, we are ignoring older generation who are also getting access to the Internet. According to the research in 2018, more than 60% Internet users are over 65. The number is bigger and bigger. The reason behind the phenomenon is easy to understand. The Internet is definitively a brilliant way for seniors to grasp the latest news, keeping in touch with family, getting medical information and making medical appointments. Also, an increasing number of seniors tend to make like-minded friends and find a romantic relationship through the Internet. Reasons for seniors to surf online vary, but as all powerful tools, the Internet might also put seniors at risks. However, the risks can be managed if you take proper precaution measures. Let’s give a glance!


What are the common threats might seniors meet online?

Seniors are the common victims of scams. Scammers are unceasingly harnessing the Internet to deceive seniors by various tricks, tricking seniors to giving away their money, personal information. Several kinds of scams are included:

  • Health care products scams: Fraudsters are exaggerating the medicine, tricking seniors to give away their money. If seniors are deluded constantly, they might even throw everything they have to purchase health care products, which might even lead to breakdown of a family.
  • Personal emergency scams: Scammers text or call the senior informing them of the emergency situation of their relatives, such as wallet stolen or hospitalization of someone. As seniors might be too anxious and flustered to verify the fact, they might do what scammers ask them to do rather than reaching out directly to the person. Thus, it is recommended that seniors should confirm the fact before taking action.
  • Online dating scams: As we mentioned above, a great deal of seniors also make friend and find an intimate relationship online. Therefore, it is common that they will find partner on dating websites. Nevertheless, this partner might be disguised by scammers.
  • Malware: In fact, malware might be more commonly downloaded on a computer. Sometimes, as the seniors might be careless, they might also download and install inappropriate spy softwares on their mobile phones, which might steal their personal information and identity.

Taking these scams into consideration, it is imperative that we should figure out the tips to help seniors stay online safety. Here are the must-know tips!

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Tip 1: Encourage seniors to reveal the truth and don’t be ashamed if they are victimized

Criminals are adept in seizing people’s psychology because they know that some seniors might be ashamed to talk about the scams when they find themselves victimized. If you suspect seniors nearby are encountering scams, you should encourage them to reveal the truth and call the police. We can’t hold back what has already happened, but we can take precautions and prevent more people from falling into traps. Taking preventive action beforehand and remedial action afterwards are the two common methods of solving problems. Therefore, can we take preventive action to help seniors stay online safety? Let’s look for the answer in the next part!

Tip 2: Take advantage of the cellphone spy applications

Taking preventive action means that we can prohibit seniors from being coaxed by the scammers. How can we do that if we don’t know who seniors are talking with and what they are talking about. In this way, we can try to communicate with the seniors more frequently, knowing more about their inner world. However, the busy working life deprive people of opportunities to have such deep conversations. It is important for us to sort out a way to stay online safety of seniors without the limitation of time and place. Cellphone spy applications can be of great help in this way. Cellphone spy applications have been thriving and developing rapidly in the past decades, and people are expressing affection to the applications. People choose tracking apps for different grounds such as monitoring kids’ online activities, ensuring employees’ loyalty to the company and so on. Among manifold options, this post will give you the most apt solution—Chamspy Pro. Let’s have a closer look at Chamspy Pro.

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Chamspy Pro is a cellphone spy application for parental control, covering full range of online monitoring functions. Some examples of the benefits:

  • Pinpoint real-time location, ensuring seniors’ safety both online and offline
  • Manage calls, viewing all phone calls and details of the calls
  • Track text messages, knowing who seniors are talking with
  • Blocking inappropriate content and website,decreasing the risks of scams

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With the help of Chamspy Pro, we can safeguard our seniors both online and offline, blocking the unwanted and fraud calls for them and providing them a safe online environment. Before you choose Chamspy Pro as your faithful guardian, you should first gain seniors’ consent to the cellphone spy applications. A brief guideline for you to install and use the software:

  • Create a new account by providing your email
  • Install the mobile application on the target phone in a few minutes
  • Log in your online account to start the monitoring


As the Internet is more and more available to seniors, it is more and more crucial for us to help seniors to stay online safety, protecting them from being cheated by scammers. At the same time, we should be more considerate and patient when we find seniors cheated, guiding them to see through the fraud and maintain their sanity! If you have any good way to stay online safety of seniors, please leave your comments!

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