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Set up your online account by using your valid email and get ready for your tracking activity in no time.

How It Works - Install


Spend a few minutes installing Chamspy Pro on the target smartphones to finish the setup process by following the instructions.

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Launch your account and you are good to conduct your monitoring activities remotely.

Get the utmost out of this Android Spy app with our 20+features

Chamspy Pro is the professional and reliable spy app to safeguard your beloved ones without intervening their access to the Internet.

Track calls

Track Calls

Remotely view all incoming/outgoing calls with timestamp and call duration in a sophisticated, reader-friendly manner.

Record Phone Calls

Record Phone Calls

Listen to phone calls from specific contacts remotely and save them onto your online dashboard.

Check Contacts

Check Contacts

Keep a check on all names and numbers stored in the address book and prevent unwanted communication.

Manage SMS/MMS

Manage SMS/MMS

Read all sent/received SMS and MMS conversations for concerning interactions.

Stealth Mode

Location Tracking

Track current GPS location of the phone and view its location history.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode

Enable invisible tracker to stay hidden on target device. No one will know you’re tracking them.

Cell Phone Spy

Cell Phone Spy

This undetectable software offers a better, easier and more effective way to keep kids safe online.



Take screenshots of Android device to get a comprehensive insight into target cell phone activity.

Calendar Activities

Calendar Activities

Access the to-do-list and notes of your kids and view all calendar entries.

SIM card changes

SIM card changes

Get notified whenever the SIM card is changed and get the SIM card details.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy

Monitor all sent/received WhatsApp chats in a better and easier way to keep child safe online.

Instagram Tracker

Instagram Tracker

Get insight into stories/posts without logging into Instagram account or installing an application.

Snapchat Spy

Snapchat Spy

Get into someone’s Snapchat to view all text messages and identify potential risks.

Facebook Spy

Facebook Spy

Monitor Facebook Messenger chats without being noticed and get peace of mind.

Telegram Tracker

Spy on Telegram chat history & messages and make sure your loved ones are not exposing to online threat.

Viber Spy

Remotely track the Viber app to learn what they are texting about and prevent undesired interaction.

KakaoTalk Spy

Monitor all sent and received Kakao messages remotely and minimize various online risks that your child is exposed to daily.

Kik Monitoring

Be aware of your child’s activity in Kik and make sure they aren’t exposed to any dubious content.

Line Tracker

Keep an eye on their activity in Line and create a safe online environment for your loved ones.

Tinder spy

Supervise all activities on your kids’ Tinder account and help them use Tinder more safely.

Hangouts Tracker

Monitor Google Hangouts messages shared on the target device and capture screenshots of Hangouts conversations.

Skype Sky

Monitor Skype chats on Android phones of your kids and make sure they’re communicating safely.

Photo Gallery Spy

Check all photos stored on your kid’s smartphone and make sure everything is going well.


Why Chamspy Pro is the ultimate option among Android spy apps?

Is it legal to monitor someone by using spy app?

Can targets know about your monitoring activities on their own cellphone?

Can you locate the phone if the person changes the SIM card?

Is the data collected by the app secure?

Is the data collected by the app secure?

The true stories/reviews of our customers

As the thriving cellphone tracker, we are committed to treating customers as our families and listening to their inner voice, thus perfecting our service.

  • Joanne


    “Words can hardly express my gratitude to Chamspy Pro for it has been the lubricant of my family. My son was glued to his phone and never communicate with me. The topic will always lead to conflicts, which intensifies the family relationship. I could do nothing but seek help from parental control tool. Thanks to Chamspy Pro, I can keep tab on his online world without letting him know. It helps me a lot in rectifying his online behaviors. Thanks a lot!”
  • Maryann


    “I have been married to my husband for 10 years and we have a harmonious relationship. However, I found my husband is glued to his phone. I was curious about what is going on with his cellphone, so I asked him about it. He told me nothing, so I decided to figure out a feasible way to dispel my doubt. Chamspy Pro is my final option. It is easy to install and use, even if I am a tech green hand. It relieves my anxiety about my husband. Now, I believe that he is loyal to our marriage.”
  • Keeneth


    “Transparency and high efficiency are the two top principles in my enterprise. That’s why I apply Chamspy Pro to my employees on the company-owned cellphones. Employees who finish their job well will be rewarded with bonuses. That’s a fair and worthy deal! ”


If you sign up for our Chamspy service, you will get a 24-hour trial for only $0.99. The subscription will be renewed automatically and you will be charged $39.99 per month unless you unsubscribe.

  • Up to 3 devices
  • For Parental control and child safety
  • Track GPS location in real-time
  • Block inappropriate apps
  • Cancel anytime

Then $39.99/month


Chamspy Pro-Android spy app that drives away your anxiety and unease

As a state-of-the-art cellphone tracker, Chamspy Pro is deemed as an all-rounded tool to supervise the online activities of your targets. With the aegis of all-in-one solution, you can get an overall and detailed picture of the cyber world of your beloved ones, which can drive away your anxiety and unease as well as shielding them from dangers both online and offline.

Cutting-edge Features of spy app for Android

Chamspy Pro paves the ways for people to track someone they care about discreetly and remotely. Innovative features are available to you:

  • Pinpoint current location of the targets and view location history
  • Track and record incoming and outgoing call logs
  • View the messages on various social media platforms
  • Monitor the saved photos in photo gallery

Armed with these powerful functions, the mobile application can satisfy all your tracking needs by offering hassle-free experience. Three steps for you to discover how easy it can be to activate the app:

  • Set up your own account via your valid email and password
  • Download and install the tracking app on target device by following the instructions
  • Log in your account and enjoy your connection with others’ online world Once you have set up your web account, you will be able to track the target phones through your digital devices like laptop, tablet and computer within a few clicks away!

Once you have set up your web account, you will be able to track the target phones through your digital devices like laptop, tablet and computer within a few clicks away!

Perfect fix to improve your well-being in daily life

Chamspy Pro gives one extra layer protection of the online world of your beloved ones, improving the well-being in your daily life. It can serve as many different roles in your daily life:

  • A guardian of your family life: Chamspy Pro can be an excellent parental control tool, enabling you to monitor your kids’ online activities in real-time and helps you withstand hidden dangers like scams, cyber bullying, phishing and so on for kids. At the same time, you can be better prepared yourself with the immediate countermeasures for these online hazards, mitigating the negative consequence.
  • A supervisor of your employees: employees commonly contact with others through company-owned devices, which also opens up more channels to divulge the business secret to rivals. Monitoring their company-owned devices can be a necessary approach to protecting business interest.
  • A helper to strengthen your business bonds with consumers. The easy-to-use cellphone tracker can be applied to share location with consumers, which can allow consumers to see the delivery transparently. This can strengthen your bonds with your consumers and improve the image of your firm.
  • A consultant for your intimate relationship. If you are suspicious about your spouse, just tap into the software to check his or her fidelity to the relationship, which can prompt you to do the right decisions.

To sum up, Chamspy Pro is the apt option for you to enhance your well-being in modern digital life with its feature-rich merit! We firmly believe that Chamspy Pro is the right choice in your future life.