Viber Spy App - Track Viber Messages Remotely

It’s not uncommon that people are glued to their phone screens and spend their precious time on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and others to keep in touch with friends. The popular Viber app allows free calling and message sharing, and becomes more popular among teens. However, it is also a perfect place for bullies and predators to lure kids into the trap. Use Chamspy Pro to monitor your child’s Viber messages to prevent the potential risks and undesired communication. It is a great way to put your mind at ease while keeping a close eye on your loved ones.

What can you do with Viber spy app?

If you are tired of searching for a Viber monitoring tool, only to discover that it does everything but let you actually track their Viber chats, try Chamspy Pro app. It is packed with a wide range of features for parental control and business. It gives you complete control over the target device. Chamspy Pro is ready to help you:

  • Read all sent and received messages on Viber
  • Access deleted Viber messages
  • Monitor date and time stamps
  • Check the number and name of a sender

You’ll gain access to the exact date and time when every chat was made and the people behind the contact, even if they are deleted. All the conversations are recorded and uploaded in the account from time to time. This is true not only for Viber, but also for WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger apps.

This cell phone tracker is helpful for parents, couples and businessmen. All it takes to spy on someone’s Viber messages is a few steps. You just need to create your online account, install the app on target device and monitor Viber messages on your account. There is no need to root the Android device.

How does Viber spy app work?

Viber spy app is designed to help monitor messages and gain insight into the target activities. It runs in the background, usually going unnoticed by the device’s user. Moreover, it has been optimized to go easy on the phone’s battery life, so the owner won’t experience any noticeable battery life decrease. The Viber log is available for you to view any time in your online account at Chamspy Pro.

How Viber spy app can help?

Viber spy from Chamspy Pro offers a great way to assert some control over the smartphone activities of your loved ones or employees. Here is a list of all the benefits of Viber spy app:

  • Parental control

    Viber is a safe heaven for cyberbully and online predators for a personal one-on-one interaction. If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s safety or they using Viber excessively, Viber spy is a reliable tool for tracking just about everything your child can do with his/her cell phone.

  • Employee management

    Some employees could waste time chatting away on Viber during work hours instead of doing a job good. Viber tracker app will provide you with an instrument for identifying the procrastinating employees and confronting them with proof of their misbehavior.

  • Personal use

    You also can create a backup of your Viber chats by monitoring your own device. You can use this data in case your phone gets lost or misplaced.

Can you recover deleted Viber messages?

Yes, Chamspy Pro records the Viber messages deleted after the installation of Chamspy app. It cannot log the messages deleted before the installation of Chamspy Pro.

Does Chamspy Pro work on my phone?

Chamspy Pro app is compatible with any modern Android device such as Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Oppo and so on.