Top 4 Cell Phone Monitoring Apps In 2022

Top 4 Cell Phone Monitoring Apps In 2022

The advent of the Internet has explored more likelihoods in our life, along with the rise of online shopping, instant messaging, and so on. The ubiquitous use of the network also makes us face up more challenges than ever before. Our kids are more likely to encounter online hazards like cyberbullying, porn explicit websites and spam messages, etc. Our partners might have online cheating on our relationship. The secrets behind cell phones are making our minds uneasy. That’s why cell phone monitoring apps have been gaining more and more popularity during the past few years. These phone monitoring apps enable us to check what is going on with the cell phones of our loved ones. However, when you are searching the keywords on the search engine, you will be bombarded with numerous results.

Therefore, to save your time and energy, we have listed the ever-best spy applications for your reference! Not only do we present features to you, but also we list the pros and cons for you! Just check this top 3 list!

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How does a mobile spy app work?

A mobile spy app can act as a comprehensive mobile supervisor which keeps prying eyes on the target phone remotely, enabling you to monitor one’s online activities in a rounded way. Different mobile spy apps provide you with various functions. However, generally speaking, the mobile spy apps require a pre-download and installation on the target phone. Once installed on the target phone, you will no longer need the cell phone anymore. Instead, you are empowered to monitor the cell phone on a dashboard without extra effort. Therefore, it is an apt resort if you want to supervise a cell phone without access to the target device.

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Top 3 cell phone monitoring apps to see one’s online activities on cell phones:

The mixed combination of mobile spy apps is everywhere on the Internet, adding difficulty for you to do the right decision. To help you have a hassle-free experience, we are here to introduce the top 3 cell phone spy apps for you!

Top 1: mSpy

mSpy, as a feature-rich phone monitoring app, is one of the leading contenders in the market. Millions of Android and iOS users are expressing their praise towards the cell phone spy apps. You are supposed to enjoy various features with the help of mSpy:

  1. Grasp one’s exact location, helping you to give an instant response to emergency
  2. Get access to one’s messaging platforms including Whatsapp, Instagram, Wechat, Snapchat, and so on
  3. Restrict certain kinds of apps and web pages, preventing your loved ones (in particular your kids) from impropriate content
  4. Keylogger, helping you grasp all the activities on one’s devices (you can master the examine logs of email, applications, and so on)


  1. Work smoothly both on Android and iOS
  2. Monitor someone stealthily
  3. 7-day free trial period


  1. The most advanced features may require rooting/jailbreaking
  2. The subscription plan will be costly if you need to monitor many devices

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Top 2: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another fantastic solution if you are planning to monitor an Android device. Hoverwatch cover function ranging from location tracking to keylogger feature, which gives you a complete entry to one’s cell phone. You can unfold the basic features of the phone spy app here:

  1. Keylogger feature to allow you to record all keyboard keys touched
  2. Take a snapshot using the front camera
  3. Track the phone location of the target in real time
  4. See all kinds of messages including SMS, MMS, and mainstream social media platforms including Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, and so on


  1. Work on a stealth mode, allowing it to be imperceptible to the target user and assures that it doesn’t disrupt their daily routine.
  2. Different subscription plans at your disposal, enabling you to choose the most suitable one


  1. Only support Android devices
  2. It might be a bit money-consuming if you want to monitor more devices

free mobile tracker-Hoverwatch

Top 3: Chamspy Pro

As one of the most robust cell phone monitoring apps, Chamspy Pro is committed to safeguarding all your loved ones on your hands. The handy mobile spy app can be user-friendly to both beginners and professionals, for it will present you with a clutter-free control panel. All clicks on the target phone will be recorded and updated on your dashboard in real time, generating an easy entry to activities on the target phone. The monitoring tool has come with 20+ features to monitor your loved ones in a smart and remote way:

  1. Track social media platforms including Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Line, and so on
  2. Track real-time location (iPhone users can set geofence, which notifies you when your target leaves the safe areas)
  3. Send a notification to you when there is a SIM card change (The functions will still work even if the SIM card has been changed)
  4. Track call logs and contacts on the target phone, allowing you to grasp the frequently-contact person
  5. Check the calendar activities and get access to one’s to-do list
  6. Take a discreet screenshot
  7. Spy on Photo Gallery, checking the saved photos and video files

Chamspy Pro will never let you down, for it has brimmed with a wide range of functions. The instantaneity, safety, and speed of the tool have made it distinct among the multitudinous phone spy apps.


  1. Conceal your identity and your target won’t know you are monitoring him/her
  2. Support different platforms
  3. A trial period for you to experience the hassle-free service


  1. There will be a difference in the functions of Android and iOS devices
  2. Provide one set of subscription plan

cell phone monitoring app- Chamspy pro

More thoughts: A free app or a paid app?

It is natural that you want to save money and look for the best free phone monitoring app. However, the cruel truth might be that the free ones might do more harm than good and might reveal your private information. If you want to monitor someone safely, we highly recommend that you should spend diems on choosing an ensured application. Many paid applications will provide you with a trial period and 24/7 customer support, which can ensure you a guaranteed result.


This post has listed 3 tools that hit the market, which are effective ways for you to monitor a cell phone. Just choose the most suitable option. If you have any other alternatives, we welcome you to leave your comments below!

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