Easy Ways to Keep Kids Away From Mobile

Easy Ways to Keep Kids Away From Mobile

With the increasing availability of the Internet and the popularity of smartphones today, parents can’t help to concern about the use of mobile by their children since there are more and more kids becoming addicted to their phones. However, it’s quite easy for the young to get access to various types of mobile devices but hard for the guardians to keep their children far from mobile devices.

If you want to learn how to keep your kids away from mobile phones or phone addiction, please read on and follow the tips below.

Easy Ways to Keep Kids Away From Mobile

1. Encourage Outdoor Activities

The easiest way to keep your kids away from mobile is by constantly encouraging them to go outside and take part more in outdoor activities like going for a walk, visiting a park, playing with a pet, watering a plant, and so on. We will get bored, feel nothing to do, and sit the whole day inside the house sometimes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period. And that is the time when we and kids try to have fun with mobile devices. However, as long as the young engage themselves in outdoor activities, they will focus more on the real world instead of immersing in the virtual ones all day long.


2. Spend Quality Time With Kids

The more parents spend time with their kids, the less risk of kid’s being addicted to mobile it will be. On the contrary, they are capable of learning communication skills and interpersonal skills from the adults as parents are the first teacher of every kid while every kid is the own master of their own life. Parenting can be helpful when parents spend quality family time with their children. It can be a family day or night, having dinner together, traveling to various places, holding a birthday party, and more.

spend time with kids

3. Set A ScreenTime Limit

Another effective way to keep them away from mobile addiction is to set a screen time limit for using each app on a kid’s device. Once you have set the screen time limit, they will be banned to use their cell phone applications and software during the time you selected. Moreover, you can set the time based on your child’s age. For instance, kids between 8 to 18 years old are supposed to use their mobiles no more than 7 hours per day, especially the TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, and more for pure entertainment. Because spending too much time in front of the screen is not only bad for their eyes but also does harm to their physical health. It’s truly a necessity to set a screen time limit on kids’ mobile devices.

time limit

4. Use A Parental Control App

The market offers plenty of parental control apps for parents to keep their children away from their mobiles. By using parental control, guardians can set specific limitations on their use of mobile devices. It assists the parents in setting a screen time limit for kids according to their age. With it, parents can know what their kids are engaging on and ensure they use their phones safely online, protecting them away from online dangers, cyberbullying, and other online crimes by monitoring kids’ device activities remotely.

It can be a tough job for parents to keep their kids away from mobile addiction when the children have already gotten used to using a cellphone at a young age. As for responsible parents, you need to teach them to use their digital devices correctly and make your time with family members as much as possible. Family time is of great importance during a kids’ childhood and this is also the fact.

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Education Counts

Like every mobile device out in the market today, smartphones have their pros and cons too. Mobile device can be a well educational tool if the youngster can make full use of them but if they spend too much time on it can be extremely bad. So, it’s significant for parents to take time to educate children regarding the problem of phone use. Parental control software is just one of the modern methods.  Keep the phone aside and spend more quality family time together!

Do share with us in the comment section below if you have any other tips to keep the child away from phone addiction.

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